Plan a Fundraising Event for the Susie Long Hospice Fund

Susie Long Hospice Fund can support your event by providing:

1. Promotional Items

We can supply you with these items to help you to organise your event:

  • Sponsorship cards
  • High Visibility Vests
  • Posters & information fliers

2. We can also...

  • Promote your event on this website
  • Offer event management advice
  • Offer PR support (local radio, newspapers, social media etc.)
  • Acknowledge your efforts and achievements on this website and social media

3. Some tips for a successful event


  • Give yourself plenty of time – plan well in advance

  • Promote your event in different ways: Publicity, posters, radio etc.
  • Delegate jobs to friends & family – you can’t do it all yourself
  • Invite your local newspaper & radio station to your event
  • Take lots of photos & email one or two to
    (please include your event & contact details)
  • Always have at least 2 people counting money together
  • Lodge your takings to the SLHF bank a/c as soon as possible
  • Send your lodgement slip, with a covering letter if possible, to:

    The Treasurer, Susie Long Hospice Fund
    c/o Paul Colfer, 18 The Weir, Kilkenny